The management team of EFEEDS has been in the shipping and cleaning business for over two and a half decades in different capacities in a few organizations.

In coming  together as a family, our experiences of the past operations have afforded us practical knowledge on what we must do, what we should not do, and where we need to improve.

In the cause of our coastal services, our clearing companying was born sometime in 2015. McManuel Global Logistics Ltd., a subsidiary of Efeeds Shipping Magnet Int’l Ltd. Having been registered with CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (CAC), did make its laudable impact on our clients’ businesses.

We have handled hundreds of thousands of containers for our clients with a high degree of business ethics. This subsidiary company EFEEDS also afforded the founding director Hon. Chukwuemeka E. Enwelu and other team members of the company several awards in the maritime industry.

Currently, Hon Enwelu is the Vice-President of National Council of Managing Directors of Customs Licenses Agents. Coordinating Eastern Zone.

EFFEDS, which is of a wider scope in reach and operation therefore stand to build on the experience of members of the management team whose quest for lofty and noble business undertaking is on the high.

Our connection with quality maritime organizations in different parts of the world also speaks volume of the credibility of our company which is not prepared to do less. We are confident that doing business with us is another name for progress on to a new level.